DreamTales Studio comprises a team of dedicated photographers who are always in the search of perfection. We love capturing beautiful moments as much as we love our camera and gears. We literally do not love anything other than eliciting smiles and tears (happy tears) from others.

We travel to different parts in India to do what we do best i.e. making DreamTales for you to tell your timeless story.

Besides weddings, we also provide commercial fashion, product, events and portraits photo shoots services. Our photo studio is among the top studios in Bangalore, India.

Company & Founders

DreamTales Studio Pvt. Ltd. (previously Piccolo Photography Works) was officially incorporated in May 2016. It is now a full-fledged professional photography and videography service provider founded by a passion driven artist, Shivadeep Baruah (known as Sid by many). He has started his journey into the world of photography with a sole purpose of delivering outstanding images. The company now have a talented pool of team to cater to different spheres of photography.

Shivadeep is one of the leading photographers in India. He has found his talent to be underlying in the wedding and commercial photography. He has a keen observing skill which helps him drive his passion with the deliverance of fine details of his subjects. He likes travelling, meeting new people and expressing himself by freezing motions. Shivadeep is also a graphics designer, biker, web designer, web programmer and most of all an IIM-I graduate.